Reviewing Brilliant Robot Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing has never been something I find exciting. It’s a boring, repetitive job that’s nothing more than a chore. The winter months are a relief, the grass hibernating in its suspended animation is welcome respite from trudging up and down the back garden, shoving along a bulky mower.

Fortunately, those days now appear to be numbered, as the clever boffins at Flymo appear to have finally created something that’s made me feel like I can lock away the activity of lawn mowing into the depths of my memory.

Yes, the weekly mow is finally under threat, with the exciting new technology that is the robot lawn mower!

Finding great robot lawn mower reviews

Lawn mowers don’t really excite me, and to be brutally honest, robot lawn mowers aren’t exactly my favourite topic either. The fact that they save me time and effort managed to grab my attention for just about long enough to learn what I needed to know from the review website, but even that was boring me to tears.

The robot lawn mower video

In the end, I just went with their top recommendation – the Flymo robot mower which you can see in action here:

As the guy in the video says, it’s not perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to deal with once set up. By far the most effort went into laying the boundary wire, but that’s not really as hard as it sounds.

They’re not the cheapest things to buy, but all the extra spare time has made it well worth the investment for me – your mileage may of course vary in that regard.

As regular readers will know, this appeals to me as much for the robotics as it does for saving me time and effort. Robots are brilliant personal assistants – they don’t answer back and there’s not much of a recruitment process either – in this case just wander down to B&Q and buy one, or hop onto Amazon online.

The really exciting thing is this is a very, very new technology. That’s likely to mean that getting in now will mean you’re ahead of the curve, and will be much better placed to step up to greater things when the time comes. While it might mean spending a bit more in the long run, you’re almost certainly more likely to know more about what you’re buying next time around. For now though, there’s those robot mower review sites we mentioned earlier to help you out.

What’s going to get better

In future I’d like to see better scheduling options and improved security too – that would be a huge help when you’re away from home. For example, knowing that the grass is going to be kept tidy while you’re away on the family holiday in the summer for a fortnight or so will mean you’re not dreading coming back to it. What’s more, you won’t be advertising to criminals that your home is empty while you’re away with every longer grass on your lawns.

Other brands

As I said earlier, I’m not one to do a ton of research. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done the graft for you? If you’re like me and hate the weekly hassle of mowing, check out that robot lawn mowers review site further up the page and see what they’ve got to say – there are often new models released and reviewed over time, so there may well be more to learn by the time you read this than I could ever write today.

As with most products you buy in the shops, they get better over time, but this may also be an area where poor quality cheap models also infiltrate the market so buyer beware. Doing your research is always wise, even if that’s as lazy and quick as i managed to do in using someone else’s work as a crib sheet!